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A pleasant clinic experience

Finalist in Start Up Weekend Singapore 2021: Sustainability

MediMatch is a mobile app aimed to redistribute the number of people in Singapore receiving medical attention at clinics efficiently, to reduce waiting time and exposure in a medical compound, thus preventing in-clinic transmissions and improve patients’ overall well-being.

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A project worked with 3 other individuals whom I met at Start Up Weekend 2021. The idea was developed and worked on to target the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) - To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The idea came about the long waiting time and inefficiency in Singapore's clinic queues, suggested by 1 of the team member.


I was leading the team on the development of the project as the 3 other teammates were green and still in educational institutions. Even though I was the UX designer, I led the team not only in terms of the UX direction, but the entire product development to feasibility of it as a business. The bulk of my execution load lies in user research, UX wire framing, branding, UI design and the pitch deck.

In the course of the project, coaching sessions and mentoring was helpful in the development of the business model.


User Validation & Research

In a short 9 hours frame, we managed to get done a survey of 50 respondents, regarding their experience in a clinic or medical compound.

Statistics of crowds in clinics, and waiting times were also obtained online.

Pitch Deck

As a finalist, we went through 2 rounds of pitch on the final day, with 2 different group of judges.

Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend
Team 01 (ClinicTitans) - Startup Weekend


As the experienced UX designer, designing MediMatch as a product was not a difficult challenge if we focus only on the users.  But the idea of having this as a business was what made this different from other projects, as I have to also think of the entire business model, and how such an idea can be made profitable and not just useful for the directs users.

I believe that the business model will work, and with more meat to it, it will be a successful product.

It was overall a very good experience to understand behind starting a business, and this will definitely not be the last of my StartUp hackathons. 

Role: Lead and UX Designer

Team: 1 Aspiring Growth Marketer, 1 Fresh UX Designer, 1 Computer Science Student & myself, UX designer

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